Milford Decorative Concrete Overlays

Why choose Vaillancourt for Your Decorative Concrete Overlays

Vaillancourt Concrete has the tools and the expertise necessary to create the perfect cement overlay that you are looking for. If you have existing concrete with minor imperfections that you would like refinished, then a concrete overlay may be the right solution. Not only is it more affordable than removing and replacing the cement that is already there, but it is much faster and simpler too! There are numerous options of decorative overlays that we can apply to either your indoor or outdoor surface that will protect against future hazards and add an elegant touch. We are the most qualified experts in the area and the best option for your Milford decorative concrete overlay.

Why a Concrete Overlay?

An overlay is a wonderful way to liven up your concrete patio while also adding protection and a decorative appeal. If you like the look of stamped or colored concrete, overlays can be just that! The finish is up to you, whether you prefer a glossier look or textured, the options will appear limitless. We are looking forward to helping you create a like-new surface by administering a decorative overlay and leaving you more than elated with the results!


It’s important to note that cement overlays may only be applied when the existing concrete is stable and does not suffer from major cracks or severe weather damage. However, all concrete will host minor flaws, and with our proper tools and skills our cement overlay application will both beautify and help protect against damage. Most cement-based overlays are polymer-modified, blended also with sand and other additives that will help improve the resistance against foot traffic or, if outside, UV exposure, abrasion, salt and more.

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We would be honored to apply our sharp skills and proficiency to helping you choose the perfect decorative overlay and making that vision come to life. We believe in the art of beautiful cement surfaces and will put our time and patience into refining the project to give you exactly what you are looking for. Call us today to start the process for a Milford decorative concrete overlay.