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Vaillancourt Concrete has time and again proven it’s professionalism and expertise in not just decorative concrete, but as architectural concrete providers as well. Whether it be new construction or work on an existing location, we guarantee nothing short of excellence, diligence, and impressive results that will last. Our experience and qualifications make us the best choice for concrete foundation construction in Milford, New Hampshire and surrounding areas.

Why a Foundation Matters

It should come as no surprise that a foundation is arguably the most important part of a solid and sound building. It will help insulate during the colder months, protect against mold and mildew-causing moisture, and resist the natural movements of the ground around it. Therefore, it becomes crucial that the foundation design and execution is performed carefully and effectively. A foundation should be everlasting and properly customized to the site, considering factors like soil conditions and frost lines. We acknowledge the gravity of installing a proper foundation. Whether it be poured concrete or a concrete block foundation, we will leave with an immaculate foundation design that will fulfill its duty to protect and to hold the building forever. We follow preventative measures to ensure our work will last.

Creating a Solid Foundation

For both commercial and house foundation construction, the same basic procedures will apply. You can expect us to pay close attention to the following details that will enforce a sturdy and lifelong foundation:

  • Taking into account the cold winter months we see in New England, the footing of the foundation should begin below the frost line for maximum heat insulation.
  • A uniform and solid compaction that will not submit to damages like cracking later on.
  • Confirming the quality of backfill to decrease the risk of damage when the soil freezes.
  • Patience with the length of the curing process that will ensure the concrete has reached its full potential and ultimate strength for a safe and durable building.

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