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Vaillancourt Concrete is comprised of highly-skilled workers that are happily willing and able to be your concrete retaining wall contractor in Milford and surrounding areas. We hold an excellent reputation for our work and will always perform beyond what is expected. We are efficient with our construction, detail-oriented, and always professional.

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The purpose of a concrete retaining wall is simple: they retain soil, also known as backfill. Without a properly installed retaining wall, the earth around it could collapse inward or shift, causing erosion and preventable issues to its surroundings. Building a solid retaining wall requires thorough knowledge of lateral earth pressure, which can often be overlooked by unqualified landscapers, builders, or handy homeowners that may underestimate the expertise of a professional retaining concrete wall contractor. It is easy to unknowingly build a structure that will eventually tilt, crack, or not properly drain backfill that will lead to a damaged wall and shifted soil, ridding itself of usefulness. Luckily, our experience and knowledge will prove us to be the finest concrete retaining wall contractor in Milford among our many other areas of services, and will build durable concrete structures that last.

Building a Durable Retaining Wall

Proper drainage and compaction are some of the many crucial factors of a successful and sturdy retaining wall. During our construction, you can expect the following basic steps of building a durable wall:

  • A discussion that will determine the basic design of the wall and its functions as well as if any decorative inclusions will be added, like curves or a custom finish.
  • Removal of debris and other obstructions in the soil that could interrupt the building process.
  • Begin digging the footings, build forms, and add appropriate reinforcement.
  • Pour concrete or include concrete blocks and allow enough time for a complete curing process.
  • Create contraction joints and implement a drainage system.
  • Complete wall with desired decorative schemes or continue construction of a patio, walkway or steps.

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For a reliable and affordable concrete wall contractor in Milford and surrounding areas, call Vaillancourt Concrete for strong and lasting concrete construction done right.