Expertise in decorative and architectural concrete.

Decorative Concrete Techniques

Traditionally considered a simple, durable building material, concrete has recently experienced a creative rennaissance due to improvements in products and techniques. Vaillancourt Concrete can provide a variety of decorative applications including:

Sometimes the job simply needs to be completed effectively and efficiently. Vaillancourt has commercial and residential experience in forming, pouring and finishing architectural concrete for new construction and existing locations. We are fully-insured and OSHA-certified.

Architectural Concrete

Concrete Maintenance

People often choose concrete because of its inherent durability. However, proper maintenance—although minimal—will extend the life and brilliance of your decorative concrete. Vaillancourt can rehabilitate even old, worn concrete and make it shine like new—or better.

Outdoor Concrete Applications

Decorative concrete is an excellent alternative or supplement to wooden decks, pavers, flagstone, or asphalt for residential and commercial uses, due to its inherently superior durability and styling options. Proper coloring, sealants and maintenance techniques are critical to getting the most from your outdoor concrete. Vaillancourt has the expertise to create the finish and design of your project as you envision it.

Decorative concrete can be the perfect surface for life and business. The variety of finishing textures and color options can make for a durable, low maintenance floor that provides excellent thermal mass for heating and cooling efficiency while adding to the atmosphere of the interior. Learn how Vaillancourt can provide the right solution for:

  • Concrete Floors

  • Basements

  • Garage Floors

Indoor Concrete Applications