Why Choose Poured Concrete Over Pavers

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Vaillancourt Concrete has had a long history to perfect the execution and maintenance of pouring concrete and creatively transforming it into the ideal patio, flooring, walkway and more. With it’s versatility and our extensive skill, the options will appear limitless. As concrete craftsmen with a hearty list of satisfied customers, our solid reputation will prove that we are the best in the business.

The Debate Between Poured Concrete vs. Concrete Pavers

It may come as a surprise to find that we do not offer installation of concrete pavers, as many contractors do. We create our cement and concrete from scratch and see it through until its final form whereas pavers are manufactured and distributed through a third party. Stamped concrete can generally mimic the texture and aesthetic of other materials and look like pavers at a more affordable cost with more variations to choose from. While pavers are a popular and durable choice for an outdoor surface, there are a few reasons why we believe that poured concrete is the better option:

  • Concrete pavers typically run between 10%-15% more expensive than poured concrete, and more if they need to be replaced due to improper installation or other damage.
  • Pavers can easily shift from the frozen soil beneath it, especially with New England winters.
  • Though they are replaceable, they can cause a major safety hazard if not replaced soon enough. This would be less ideal for those who need assistance walking or are accident-prone.
  • Pavers are prone to erosion, unlike concrete, which will wear out more gradually.
  • It is very common for weeds to grow in between pavers, which can require more unwanted maintenance.


The Benefits of Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete will offer the same look as pavers or stones or other types of materials while eradicating the need to place and fit each piece separately, minimizing the above concerns. Poured concrete will not shift like its rival, and is also extremely durable. Stamped concrete offers more variety and room for innovation, as often times the options for pavers will be limited. The concerns for concrete are typically preventative when installed professionally and carefully, which is always the case with us. As your concrete contractors, we will do everything in our power to provide you with sterling service and stunning result.

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