Stamped Concrete Pool Decks in Milford, NH

Why Opt For Vaillancourt?

Vaillancourt Concrete and Construction has poured hundreds of hours of expertise and superior workmanship into crafting stamped concrete pool decks for satisfied home and business owners all across the New England region. The informed client knows that as a contractor, Vaillancourt provides the most reliable and skillful service, based on the foundation of our meticulous attention to detail, and passion for the art of stamped concrete.


Not only will a stamped concrete withstand the test of time, but will give your swimming pool a contemporary, sleek look that is fully customizable, and requires maintenance only rarely. A durable stamped concrete pool deck will provide the most versatile options for the area surrounding your pool, whether you prefer a finish that appears identical to wood, mimicking the grain and timbered texture, or a modern geometric design that contours the curves of your swimming pool.


Throughout the entire process, from planning and measuring to digging and pouring the concrete pool deck, our fully insured, licensed craftsmen employ state of the art techniques to ensure efficiency of method as well as the excellence of the finished concrete deck. Proper structuring of stamped concrete pool decks includes many steps, the first of which is ensuring a strong and stable foundation made of layers of dirt, sand, or gravel shaped around the swimming pool. Then, a frame is constructed and laid in the proper shape. Finally, the concrete can be poured and stamped as designed.

The methods and materials used in concrete pouring have greatly advanced in recent times, leaving some homeowners with outdated and even damaged pool decks. Not to worry, we at Vaillancourt specialize in pool deck repair as well as creation, and we possess the necessary skills to restore an old pool deck to its former state, or even better!

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Whether you choose a modern geometric stamped motif, a classic design, or a natural wood pattern, you can rest assured that the artisans at Vaillancourt will provide unrivaled, skillful workmanship on your stamped concrete pool deck. Please call us today for a free estimate.