Stamped Concrete Patios in Milford, NH

Why Us?

Vaillancourt Concrete has put forth the dedication into specializing in decorative concrete and completing hundreds of stamped concrete jobs. We offer affordable pricing with optimal service and quality. Our concrete patios are strong and durable, even against the harsh and erratic New England weather.  

Choosing a Concrete Patio

Concrete is rapidly gaining popularity in the decorative landscape industry for it’s affordability, versatility, and longevity. A decorative concrete patio will open more doors to customization and uniqueness than other common patio materials. It’s a luxurious and cost-effective alternative to natural stone, wood, and concrete pavers that require less maintenance. Some reasons people are favoring concrete over the competitions are:

  • an easier, faster installation than natural stone.
  • eradicating the likelihood of weeds and other invasive growth that occurs between paving stones, as a stamped concrete patio would be an overall solid surface.
  • unlike wood, concrete will not warp, rot, or attract termites, and will not require routine maintenance as often.

The Versatility of a Decorative Concrete Patio

We offer a wide array of decorative concrete techniques such as staining, polishing, custom stampings as well as regular stamped concrete. A stamped concrete patio is an easy way to add notable charm to your home or any outdoor area, and the installation is a simple process:

Rubber stamps are used to create patterns in the poured concrete before fully hardening. These impressions can replicate the appearance and texture of cobblestone, limestone, wood, tile, and many others while maintaining a refined and stately aesthetic. Exposed aggregate can add a slip-resistant texture as well as a unique appeal. Staining can add earthy tones or complementary colors to the flatwork and can be finished with either a glossy or matte sealer. The options for customization and artistry for your patio are bountiful and are sure to match your desired scheme.

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By hiring Vaillancourt Concrete to be your concrete patio contractor, you can expect quality craftsmanship and a diligent work ethic that will get the job done on time and precisely. Call us today for a free estimate or to begin discussing the many ways a stamped concrete patio is the right choice for you.