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Why Us?

At Vaillancourt, we are dedicated to the art of creating stunning concrete elements, by combining simple, natural materials with an eye for style, and a dedication to the strength of the finished product. In recent years, concrete has enjoyed a massive renaissance as a homescape material, and we at Vaillancourt are proud to offer these modern techniques as a stamped concrete contractor in Peterborough, New Hampshire. With years of experience and hundreds of completed jobs behind us, our clients recommend us without hesitation.

Stamped Concrete in Peterborough

As the most well regarded stamped concrete contractor in Peterborough, Vaillancourt offers a comprehensive list of services. The following are highlights of our areas of expertise:

  • Residential and Commercial Concrete Driveways

Long valued for its load bearing capacity, concrete is now a popular choice because of its aesthetic appeal as well. No longer limited to boring gray, a concrete driveway can be stamped to resemble natural stone or brick, creating an attractive entrance to your home or business. Additionally, concrete presents a more ecologically sound alternative to asphalt, as it uses renewable resources and can be recycled at the end of its life.

  • Concrete Basements

A large part of transforming a basement into an extension of your living space involves choosing a floor material. Since most basements have an existing unfinished concrete surface, working with that pre-existing surface is usually an easy option. With the proper decorative and sealing techniques, a polished concrete floor can be warm and inviting, a versatile and cost efficient selection that also adds to the resell value of a home.

  • Concrete Pool Decks

Concrete, a resilient building material, is a popular choice when it comes to crafting a beautiful pool deck that blends cohesively with the other elements of a home and landscape. The stamped concrete format can be combined with texturizers to create a safer surface, and we offer a wide range of possibilities for coloring and design.

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We will be proud to serve as your stamped concrete contractor in Peterborough and the surrounding areas. Peruse our gallery to view our recent work, then give us a call for a free estimate.