Milford Concrete Sidewalk Contractors

Why choose Vaillancourt for Your Concrete Sidewalk

Vaillancourt Concrete has time and again offered dependable and professional services in a timely manner with solid customer feedback. We use only the most skilled and reliable craftsmen that maintain our sterling reputation and provide the best possible outcome. That’s why we’re the best Milford concrete sidewalk contractors among our many other areas of expertise.

Designing a Walkway

We have the experience in the process of cement sidewalk pouring along with the appropriate practices, design and materials needed to create a long-lasting and attractive sidewalk. There are various options to explore before pouring a sidewalk that will make for a more unique walkway than the common gray cement. A few examples would be: colored stains that bring earthy-tones to the cement and complements the landscape, creating patterns or designs with concrete stamping and engraving, shaping grooves, and exposing aggregate to incorporate a slip-resistant texture with a decorative and appealing element.

How It’s Done

We are masters of concrete and therefore understand the importance of acknowledging proper sidewalk production and its many steps. This includes creating a solid foundation by examining the soil and confirming it as a subgrade, creating a subbase layer of gravel, and a base course before a concrete slab can be supported. While these steps may not always be necessary or applicable, it’s important to take all factors into consideration before beginning the process of cement sidewalk pouring. It’s crucial that the concrete slab has enough support to prevent bending or tension, but the most critical component of creating a successful sidewalk is the uniformity of compaction. This will allow for the sidewalk’s maximum durability and resistance to cracking or any other damage that could strike prematurely before the average length of 20-40 years has ended.

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We pride ourselves in our reputable work and will never sink below our high standards of performance, ensuring that the project will be completely thoroughly and proficiently. We stand behind the quality of our services and would love to be your Milford concrete sidewalk contractors of choice. Call us to discuss the sidewalk options we offer and to begin the process of creating a sturdy and contemporary walkway.