Milford Decorative Concrete Polishing

Why choose Vaillancourt for Your Concrete Polishing

Decorative concrete polishing is just one more area to add to our reliable expertise at Vaillancourt Concrete and we are fully prepared with all the appropriate equipment for this multistep process. We are the best Milford decorative concrete polishers in the area and it’s easy to see why. We take pride in the satisfaction we give our customers and our abilities to make your aesthetic visions a reality.

Why Polished Concrete?

A polished concrete floor requires little maintenance on your behalf and will never need waxing or coating, making it a beautiful and easy alternative other flooring such as marble, granite, linoleum or tile. It’s cost effective, highly resistant to heavy foot traffic and can make a striking addition to any home, office, or retail store. Concrete floors are extremely versatile, highly durable, and allow for plenty of customizations to be made. It’s clear why they are becoming such a popular flooring option!

Options and Expectations:

There are multiple steps in the process of perfectly polishing a cement floor which will allow you to choose the amount of glossiness you’d like on the surface. If you prefer to add color, concrete stains can be applied, or a dye for a more vibrant outcome. For a more classic look, you can choose to keep the concrete uncolored before polishing. Aside from a stained cement floor, there are many other ways to customize prior to polishing, including: engraving, stenciling, and saw-cut patterns. Decorative concrete polishing requires the labor of highly-trained craftsman and specialized machines that will finalize the surface with your preferred level of sheen and any other customizations that you desire and we come fully prepared. We have the heavy-duty equipment to ensure your newly polished floor is durable, well-crafted and just what you’re looking for.

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Our long-lasting concrete floor finishes matched with our dependable and professional service is sure to impress all those who step foot on it. Call us now to be your Milford decorative concrete polishing experts and contractors and to discuss how to turn your cement floor into a finished masterpiece that shines. We look forward to hearing from you!