Milford Decorative Concrete Floors

Why choose Vaillancourt for Your Concrete Flooring

We are proud to offer exceptional services and a quality outcome. As professionals and experts, we will treat your Milford decorative concrete floors as the artform they are and apply our patience, determination and skill into creating something you will love. We have the experience to help you narrow down the many options for your floor. Whether it be commercial, industrial, or inside your home, we will provide.

Why a Concrete Floor?

Polished concrete flooring is gaining popularity for it’s sleek appeal, easy upkeep, and long-lasting durability. When considering the lasting value, this can be a very cost-effective flooring option, especially if there’s already a concrete slab ready for your chosen type of enhancement. Compared to ceramic tile, linoleum, and marble, cement is the most affordable option when searching for a deluxe material to compliment your home or business.

Ample Options

A decorative cement floor comes with countless variations and possibilities, all depending on the look you are trying to achieve. The floor can easily be a focal point of the room by using a complex design or cement stains to accent colors. Polished concrete flooring will add elegance and a trendiness that comes with its newfound popularity as well as practicality. Here are some of the many options and ways it can enhance your surroundings:

  • In a home, a concrete floor will benefit those with pet allergies opposed to a carpet, as well as enhancing a kitchen or bathroom.
  • In a business, such as a retail store or a restaurant, a polished concrete floor can be easily cleaned and withstand the impact of high-volume foot traffic.
  • If you prefer it unpolished, we do recommend a floor sealer that will not only protect the cement but will add to the longevity.
  • Stamped concrete flooring can provide the look and colors of tile and natural stone, but with more versatility. Designs of choice can be imprinted into the concrete as it sets to customize the details that will make your flooring unique.

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