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Welcome to Vaillancourt Concrete & Construction, the solution for decorative concrete in Haverhill, MA. For home and commercial builders looking to include decorative concrete in their buildings, Vaillancourt is here to provide everything necessary to complete timely, on budget projects. Hiring only the most well qualified professional craftsmen, we are dedicated to ensuring the durability, quality, and cost effectiveness of each project. Vaillancourt is the expert choice for decorative concrete in Haverhill.

What is Decorative Concrete?

Concrete has long been prized for its utilitarian benefits, but with the progress of technology, it no longer has to remain just a dull, gray surface. Nearly limitless options exist to transform concrete into distinctive, eye catching designs, using coloring, concrete sealant, staining, texturing, and stamping. The following are examples of the residential and commercial applications of decorative concrete:

Stamped Concrete Driveways

Driveways can be a highly visible part of a home or business, as they are often the first thing one sees upon arrival. Stamped concrete provides a beautiful and cost effective alternative to asphalt, and through the stamping process, the final result can mimic expensive materials such as paving stones, cobblestone, and even brick. If you have a pre-existing, plain concrete driveway we are able to resurface it using these decorative options, saving you money while providing instant curb appeal.

Concrete Coloring

The one characteristic that truly distinguishes concrete design is the color, which can be used to soften a hardscape so it blends in with nature, or to create a bold, daring design that stands out. The options for modifying the color of concrete are extremely versatile, from integral color to dry shake color hardener. Staining provides a deep, luminous color that does not appear as a blunt, opaque surface like paint, but a luxurious, integrated tone that permeates the concrete. The final product can resemble a wide range of materials, from granite to leather. Goodbye gray!

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