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Long a staple in the contracting domain of southern New Hampshire, Vaillancourt Concrete is pleased to offer our services as a decorative concrete contractor in Brookline. Brookline, a historical town located to the west of Hollis, has preserved the beauty of its rural past while benefiting from proximity to commerce in the area-- including well renowned contractors such as Vaillancourt. Time and again we have proven our merits in both commercial and residential applications of concrete, and we are proud to offer the same dedication to quality in Brookline.

Decorative Techniques and Applications

As a decorative concrete contractor in Brookline, New Hampshire, we offer a wide range of services showcasing both the form and function of concrete. In recent decades, the popularity of stamped concrete has exploded because it offers an economical and convincing alternative to pavers and natural stone. The design options are endless, as you can choose and combine patterns, motifs, and colors.

To create a natural flow from indoors to outdoors, concrete coloring techniques have been developed to match design elements of the home interior and exterior to features such as pool decks and driveways. Pigments in the form of dry colors can be spread over freshly laid concrete, staining only the top layer, or color can be integrated into the wet concrete before it is poured. Either way, the end product is a cohesive color scheme that allows a harmony between architectural elements.

Preserving the Life of Your Concrete

In addition to our work as a decorative concrete contractor in Brookline, we also offer services to maintain the life of concrete structures for the long run. The number one method for preservation is concrete sealing. Because of its porous nature, unsealed concrete is susceptible to moisture infiltration, which can cause damage over time as water molecules expand and contract with the seasons. Fractures, spalling, and discoloration may result from water damage, but a concrete sealant protects against such deterioration as it forms a watertight surface, ensuring the steadfastness of the concrete for years to come.

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