Stamped Concrete Walkway, Ashburnham, MA

Vaillancourt Concrete is a company that is both generous to local communities and beyond hardworking. This passed spring, this company was asked to create a paved walkway for the Learning Tree Preschool in Ashburnham. We were given a very reasonable quote and decided to go with them for the required services.

As they were paving, the owner Joe, realized that this walkway was being created for all students to access the playground equally with one student in particular in mind. Upon seeing the smiles from the students that were being positively impacted, Joe made the decision to both donate the materials and his companies time. Not many people would do either of those things let alone both.

I highly recommend the services that Vaillancourt Concrete has to offer as they provide both quality work and represent what local companies should be doing for their communities.

Brittany Smeltekop, Ashburnham, MA