Concrete Sealing in Milford, NH

Why Choose Vaillancourt?

For decades, Vaillancourt has been southern New Hampshire’s trusted leader in concrete application. Not only do we work to guarantee that the outcome of your project will meet your high expectations, but we also want to ensure that your project will be steadfast and long lasting. Concrete sealing is an important phase in protecting this durability, and you can depend on our years of performance and quality craftsmanship to get the job done.


Benefits of Concrete Sealing

Applying a sealant to concrete is a crucial step in maintaining the life of your concrete project.

Due to its porous nature, concrete is vulnerable to damage that occurs when moisture permeates the concrete and then expands and contracts with the freeze-thaw cycles. Concrete sealing guards against the resultant chipping, cracking, and fracturing. Vehicle oil, household chemicals, and deicing solutions are also enemies of concrete: they can cause ugly staining and discoloration, as well as corrosion. Mold, mildew, and bacteria can develop in areas of concrete that remain in shade or in continuous exposure to water, and a shield of concrete sealant is necessary to prevent staining in these places as well. In addition to the preservative properties of concrete sealant, it also enhances and preserves the aesthetic appearance of your decorative concrete project.

Concrete Sealing Steps

At Vaillancourt, we pay close attention to every step of the process. Fresh concrete must be allowed to cure for at least four weeks prior to applying a sealant, and then every trace of dirt, oil, grease, and previously applied sealant must be removed from the surface. Application varies based on the type of sealant used, but is most often applied with a pump sprayer or roller. Additionally, the surface may be etched to promote good adhesion. After application of the sealant, the area should be left to dry before exposure to heavy foot traffic.


Our professional standards are proven, as attested to by many happy customers. To learn more about preserving the life of your concrete, and to discuss driveway sealing, patio sealing, and protection for any project, give us a call!