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Vaillancourt Concrete & Construction, the Top Choice

For over a decade, Vaillancourt has been the most trusted name as a concrete patio contractor in Groton, Massachusetts, a town that values history and beauty, along with professionalism and quality. We bring an architectural flair to projects that have typically been considered standardized and ordinary, and our track record shows countless happy customers with long lasting projects they love. Read on to learn why you should choose Vaillancourt as your concrete patio contractor in Groton.

What Makes a Concrete Patio Better?

Long Lasting & Durable

Choosing concrete for a backyard patio is an excellent choice, as it stands up to heavy foot traffic and intense New England winters. Taking the time to properly treat and seal your concrete is a vital step to ensuring that your concrete will resist moisture damage, survive the freeze thaw cycle, and never crack or fracture.

Hugely Versatile

There are nearly endless options for customization, in the form of patterns, motifs, texturing, coloring, and staining, so your patio will never be like your neighbors’. All of the options for indoor decorative concrete flooring are able to be imitated seamlessly outdoors.

Ecologically Friendly

A concrete patio avoids the need for hazardous chemicals like solvent based wood stains, and requires no lumber.

Easy to Maintain

Because concrete presents as a solid surface, there are no crevices for weeds to grow in between, saving the homeowner countless hours of maintenance. When properly sealed, a concrete patio can sustain itself with no yearly maintenance required.

Top Value

Because concrete is not subject to warping and rotting, like wood decks, it is highly valued as a building material for patios. Installing a stamped concrete patio is significantly less labor intensive than installing bricks or paving stones, which of course also saves on cost. Furthermore, the pleasing appearance of a concrete patio will increase the resale value of a home.

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Our commitment to high standards makes us the premier concrete patio contractor in Groton, whether you are looking to spruce up your home, or need a commercial patio installation. Browse the gallery and testimonials on our website, then make a call to our office to speak with one of our design experts. We will be happy to provide you with a free estimate!