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Our wealth of experience and connections allows Vaillancourt Concrete to bring you the very best work as a concrete flooring contractor in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts. Since our origin over a decade ago, our customers have come to rely on our dependable professionalism and honest pricing. Whether the project is stamped concrete flooring for a small home, or cement floor on a large industrial scale, Vaillancourt provides a streamlined process with an efficient timeline and quality output.

Why Concrete?

Modern architecture commonly depends on concrete as a reliable load bearing structure, and nearly always uses concrete slabs to support industrial buildings. These days, that same utilitarian element is being transformed into an accessible option for flooring in homes, offices, and even trendy bars and restaurants. Designers adore the material as it lends itself to a breathtaking abundance of aesthetic options, without sacrificing strength and durability.

Staining concrete is a popular option for residential and commercial interior flooring, as it boasts a wide range of luminous warm earth tones, from a deep mesa red to a cool granite grey. In fact, pre existing hazing and fissures in concrete can be purposely exposed to create a natural design element, the end result of which is a an organic crackle that gives dynamism to an otherwise unvaried floor. If the designer perceives cracks in older concrete as a blemish, micro topping can be done to smooth over the rifts under a new surface, which can then be stenciled, or otherwise enhanced.

As the top concrete flooring contractor in Tyngsborough, we have found that this option also attracts customers due to its ease of maintenance. Generally a quick once over with a broom and occasional damp mop is all it takes to keep your floors shining, though spaces that experience higher foot traffic may benefit from floor waxing.

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Do you have a residence that you want to breathe new life into using luxurious stained concrete flooring? Or do have a large scale construction project that needs industrial cement surfaces? Whether you are an architect or a homeowner, we have the solution for you. Call us today and let us show you why we are the top concrete flooring contractor in Tyngsborough.