Concrete Contractor in Amherst, NH

Why Vaillancourt?

Trusted and skilled, Vaillancourt has been the number one choice time and again for our clients as a concrete contractor in Amherst, New Hampshire. For a town with a beautiful historical center, we offer comprehensive concrete work with a focus on maintaining historical integrity and a cohesive appearance. We are also your concrete repair experts, able to restore the natural beauty of concrete that may have chipped or faded.

Why Concrete?

As a raw material, cement has been a building block relied on for millenia. Concrete is a composite material consisting of a granular aggregate, such as gravel or sand, water, and the binding agent--cement. When these elements are combined, a chemical process known as cement hydration forms interlocking crystals that fuse together, creating a material that is extremely resilient and durable when it hardens.

For the reason of its strength, concrete has been used extensively in building roads, curbs, flood barriers, dams, and also in elements of home construction such as driveways, walkways, patios, and foundations. Today it is more popular than ever for both interior and exterior use, outperforming construction materials such as wood and stone, because of the endless options for customization.

Form and Function

As a comprehensive concrete contractor in Amherst, NH, we offer a wide variety of services. We specialize in decorative concrete for beautiful, seamless outdoor hardscapes-- or durable, sleek interior floors. We provide driveway and sidewalk installation, whether you require a complex stamped concrete design or a basic, functional format. Foundation building and repair fall within the realm of our expertise, as well as concrete basements and flooring.

To maintain the life of your concrete, we offer concrete sealing for any exterior or interior surface, such as concrete decks and driveways. This process protects concrete from freeze-thaw cycle damage, water damage, mold, mildew.

Call for Quote

We take great pride in our body of previous work, and would be happy to discuss your individual concrete needs. Take a look through the photos on our website, then give us a call for an estimate, free of charge. You will be satisfied with Vaillancourt as the best concrete contractor in Amherst.