Commercial Concrete Contractor in Pepperell, MA

At Vaillancourt Concrete & Construction, we are the full service solution for commercial businesses when you need a project that will stand out, yet provide reliability for years to come. We’ve worked extensively with businesses as a commercial concrete contractor in Pepperell, MA, and we have the testimonials of many happy clients to support our claims!

Concrete Foundation Installation

A correctly poured and well crafted foundation is the most important part of a building, and the need for expertise only increases when the area will be sustaining heavy foot and vehicle traffic. At Vaillancourt, our professionals take into account every detail such as our New England winters, and patience with the curing process to ensure the slab is completely ready before further construction. As a commercial concrete contractor in Pepperell, we have successfully completed many foundations for businesses large and small.

Concrete Wall Construction

For businesses that require a high square footage of commercial space, and a high volume of wear and tear on the building, concrete walls can provide the best solution to standing up to these stresses. Poured concrete walls possess compressive and flexural strength many times that of block concrete, and are essentially maintenance free once set. They provide unsurpassed fire protection, and resist moisture damage.  

In recent times, businesses are looking to concrete construction for more than just its traditional uses of foundations and walls. Decorative concrete is now a popular finish for business interiors, because of its aesthetic value and versatility, and installing a concrete floor in a restaurant offers nearly unlimited design options through the decorative stamping of concrete.

Whether you are looking to build or modify a retail store, a restaurant, an office building, a hotel, a healthcare facility, or a public building, we have the solution and expertise needed as a commercial concrete contractor in Pepperell. Vaillancourt Concrete is fully insured and OSHA certified, and we work with a trustworthy team of professional craftsmen. If you’re considering a concrete construction project, give us a call to discuss it, and we will provide you with a free estimate.