Best Concrete Contractors in Hollis, NH

Vaillancourt Tradition of Excellence in Hollis

Home and business owners in Hollis, New Hampshire have identified Vaillancourt Concrete as the concrete contractor of choice for every major and minor concrete project. We stand behind our tradition of excellence which has led us to become the best concrete contractor in Hollis!

Applications of Concrete

As both a residential and agrarian town, Hollis demands many uses for concrete, both decorative and pragmatic.

Concrete Floors

Exceptionally strong and resilient, concrete will never break or give way under the weight of extremely heavy vehicles like cars, trucks, farm equipment, or objects such as heavy crates and dumpsters. Concrete floors last for years, even under heavy foot and vehicle traffic, while requiring only a minimum of maintenance.

Concrete Sealing

The primary function of a sealant is to make the concrete surface impermeable to moisture, which can damage your concrete over time by as water molecules freeze and thaw inside the porous concrete. A sealant will further protect the life of your concrete by repelling oil, vehicular grease, solvents, and cleaning chemicals, as well as mold and mildew that are apt to spring up in the presence of moisture.

Swimming Pools

The border of your swimming pool no longer has to be gray, utilitarian cement! Vaillancourt offers an endless variety of textures, shades, and finished effects in decorative concrete. We are able to optimize for slip resistance and sun reflectivity so your swimming area is not only beautiful to look at, but also safe. This careful attention to aesthetic detail as well as safety is why we are the best concrete contractor in Hollis.

Concrete Decks and Patios

Concrete has gained traction in the luxury home design industry to become the most popular element for outdoor decks and patios—its use now outpaces that of wood, natural stone, and brick. There is nothing more beautiful than a stamped, stained concrete for an outdoor gathering space that extends seamlessly from indoors to out. This material also stands up to spilled food and drinks, poses no safety concerns when supporting fire pits or torches, and contains no cracks so weeds will never grow through.

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For many years, Vaillancourt has been revered for our high caliber accomplishments in the concrete industry, our timely execution of projects, and our commitment to cost efficiency. Call us for a quote on your project, and let us continue to cement our reputation as the best concrete contractors in Hollis, New Hampshire.